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Hi there! Welcome to the Dinerva Incident, a returning forum from a while ago! We're just now restarting, so we need new people and new members of the community! To those of you that are new, please join and have fun in this RP community.

The Dinerva Incident

The gods fell, so will you destroy Dinerva or save it?
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PostSubject: Information   Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:23 am

The Dungeon system is a bit confusing at first, but it's easier to get the hang of.
This system is for those who want to rack up a TON of EXP and have glorious prizes along with them, or for those who want a really nice challenge.

What the dungeon system is:
It's where you venture by yourself or with a buddy to face various different boss-type creatures, all of which you have to defeat.

Combat: Now there will be no one "controlling" the NPC monsters so you are given the liberty of controlling them yourself. Now this will not be all like a quest where you can demolish every foe in your way, these are made to be hard. Each dungeon run will have to be approved once it's finished, so we'll know if you actually took into account the foes strengths.

Prizes: Prizes are given based on how the approver sees you did the dungeon run. If you finish all 100 floors but you instantly killed everything in your path without some type of excuse (I.E. Being an UNNATURALLY high level) you'll probably get not-as-good prizes. Otherwise it is based off of how far you get.

NPC Enemies: These are either as hard or even harder than regular quest bosses. Now these are made to be hard, but not impossible. We as approvers leave it to you as the runner to know your limits, because we will as well. Let's say I have a character that is level 50. If I get really far into the dungeon because of my level, that's fine. If I encounter an enemy that would be classified as "higher level" and I beat it, but I get damage done to me that's fine. If I get beaten by someone WAY out of my league, that's fair. If I beat the enemy with little-to-know effort that's wrong. Know your limits, as will we.

EXP: Ah, do you remember those quests that have high exp rewards? Yeah. Multiply those by 2, 3, 4, 5 etc. Then you get the exp prizes for completing 100 floors.

Floors: Each floor has it's own set of enemies or an enemy. You can advance forward after you defeat that enemy(ies).

Number of posts: Now we all can agree 100 posts is a lot, even for an event. So we can give you some lenience. You can do more than one floor in one post if the enemies are easy enough, only if you're soloing. If you're playing a team dungeon then you can have the floors split. Let's say player one kills every enemy in floor 27, then player 2 can go onto floor 28 and start the fight. Then let's say player 2 gets the enemies down low enough, and player 1 kills them. During player 1s turn, he/she can still advance.
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