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Hi there! Welcome to the Dinerva Incident, a returning forum from a while ago! We're just now restarting, so we need new people and new members of the community! To those of you that are new, please join and have fun in this RP community.

The Dinerva Incident

The gods fell, so will you destroy Dinerva or save it?
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 The Ancient Edge 1/5

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PostSubject: The Ancient Edge 1/5   Thu Jun 25, 2015 1:16 pm

Name: The Ancient Edge 1/5
Suggested Level: 3-9
Description: There has been word going around Rayburn that an Ancient weapon was shattered, and hidden from the people by the gods. They know nothing of the specifics, all except the weapon's original name was "The Ancient Edge," and that there are 5 shards spread among Dinerva. If this rumor were to be true, you could reforge this divine weapon and have it for yourself. The people of Rayburn also told you that there were reports of a pink shard that resonated a special energy found in Fallcourt, the city of snow. You can go there and collect the first of five shards. Be careful though, a Fallen God resides over there and might also want this Divine Weapon.
Regular Enemies-
•Treasure Hunter [5 total, don't attack in pairs or groups] (40 HP, 0 MP, 9 PS, 0 MS, 4 PD, 4 MR, 2 Spd, 2 Agi, 6 Int. Carries knives)
•Snow/Ice Mage (90 HP, 100 MP, 1 PS, 16 MS, 1 PD, 20 MR, 10 Spd, 10 Agi, 20 Int, Can create snow golems, animals, structures, ice weapons, freeze things, etc)
•Skadi, Fallen Goddess of Ice and Snow (200 HP, 350 MP, 14 PS, 32 MS, 10 PS, 30 MR, 14 Spd, 14 Agi, 30 Int, Controls any and all snow and ice, and can do limitless things with them)
Location: Fallcourt Town OR The Deepwoods, your choice
Requirements: Obtain the Shard and defeat the goddess. You don't need to kill her if you don't want to, but you must defeat her. Have at least 15 posts with 200 words each
Reward: 75 XP, Pink Shard
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The Ancient Edge 1/5
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