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The gods fell, so will you destroy Dinerva or save it?
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 Serene's Powers

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PostSubject: Serene's Powers   Fri Jun 26, 2015 9:58 am

Name: Cecilia's Wrath
Type: Attack
Active/Passive: Active
Description: Serene calls upon power from Cecilia, the captain of the Angels. She uses a lowered-power version of Cecilia's signature attack, Divine Wrath. Serene will hold her hands as if she is activating a hadouken, and then shoot a basketball-sized orb of blue and white light at the opponent. It will do explosive damage and hurt within anywhere of a 5 meter radius.
•Doesn't really give the foe time to escape the blast if it hits the ground, unless they are faster than it
•Travels 6.5 m/s
•Damage gets multiplied by 1.5 if it hits a fallen god or demon
•Not very effective at a super long range, which would give the opponent time to react
•If it hits other angels (excluding grim angels), it will do 50% less damage
•Can also damage Serene if she is within range of the blast
MP Cost: 10
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3

Name: Judgment Lightning
Type: Attack
Active/Passive: Passive and Active
Description: This is the power taught to her by the Grim Angels back when they used to exterminate humans. Judgement Lightning was what she herself used, and she became a personal master of it. Serene can charge her fists with electricity, giving them electrical element and throw a holy lightning bolt at the opponent, as well as charge her sword with Electricty.
•Serene has a wide array of lightning-based attacks
•Counts as a holy attack, not a lightning attack. Therefore those with lightning resistance wouldn't resist it
•When charged through the sword it boosts the Diviners magical strength by 5
•Even though Serene has all of these capabilities, she can only fire 3 lightning bolts maximum at one time
•Serene does not gain any physical strength from charging electricity through her hands, it just adds magical strength into the equation
•Judgement Lightning can not be used if an unholy field is in play, or something that nullifies angelic powers is in play
MP Cost: -
Duration: -
Cooldown: -

Name: Star Storm
Type: Attack
Active/Passive: Active
Description: Serene opens a circle behind her body, and out from it comes 5 holy shots that look like mini-spears. These fly at the opponent, each doing 1/5 of Serene's magical strength with piercing damage, potentially spearing their body entirely.
•Multiple Attacks make it hard to dodge
•These attacks spear opponents, which given the area it hits can immobilize them (I.e. Hitting their legs)
•These phase through objects other than living beings other than plants, making it virtually impossible to hide from these under cover
•Each attack does less damage than one full attack should
•Each spear can be dissipated by being hit with a spell or power
•They have the possibility of hitting anyone, including allies because Serene can't change it's direction
MP Cost: 10
Duration: Instant
Cooldown: 3 posts

Name: Returning Wings
Type: Buff
Active/Passive: Active
Description: Serene, for a short time can channel her dark energy into her back, creating entire wings, made of pure energy.
•Gains temporary flight
•Gains 20% more speed while in flight
•Made of energy so the wings can't have damage dealt to them
•Wings dissipate in a holy aura, excluding one created by herself
•When the duration runs out and Serene will fall, regardless of whatever distance she is from the ground
•Speed boost does not correlate into land travel. Serene moves regular pace while on the ground
MP Cost: 15
Duration: 3 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Black Star
Type: Attack
Active/Passive: Active
Description: Serene uses her holy magic to create a small orb of white energy, then imbues it with the dark energy of the Grim Angels, which results in creating her Black Star. This is a small 1 foot in diameter ball of light and dark energy that explodes upon contact with anything, and has a 7 meter in radius blast range.
•Deals double the damage of a regular spell (multiply magical strength by 2 in the damage formula)
•Has both light and dark energy within it, nullifying any weaknesses it would have
•Can harm multiple enemies at once
•Has the possibility of harming Serene if she were in the blast range, as well as any allies
•Costs double the amount of mana than a normal spell
•Takes twice as long to create the spell, leaving Serene open
MP Cost: 20
Duration: 2 (one for charge, one to throw)
Cooldown: 5 posts
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Serene's Powers
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