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Hi there! Welcome to the Dinerva Incident, a returning forum from a while ago! We're just now restarting, so we need new people and new members of the community! To those of you that are new, please join and have fun in this RP community.

The Dinerva Incident

The gods fell, so will you destroy Dinerva or save it?
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 Your Personal Desires

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PostSubject: Your Personal Desires   Fri Jun 26, 2015 7:13 am

Name: Your Personal Desires
Suggested Level: 1-15
Description: A random portal opened up in front of Dinerva Academy. No one knows how it got there, it just appeared there. You, in curiosity wanders in, and finds yourself in a purple realm that looks rather nice. A sudden shadow dashes by you, and you try to attack it but you can't. All your powers are nullified, your fists won't ball up and you can't attack whatsoever, and your weapons won't do anything. Not even your Familiars can fight. It's strange because this doesn't feel like a bad situation, it feels kinda... Good?
Regular Enemies-
•Embodiment of Narcissism (Who doesn't love themself? If you answered "Me" to this question you'll have an easy time with this. This enemy will act to you as you would to your lover, showing how amazing you are and how much you've always loved yourself)
•Embodiment of Greed (Shows you everything you could ever want in life- money, power, women/men, etc. You are king/Queen of the world... But is that a good thing?)
•Embodiment of Lust (A naked woman/man walks up to you, and offers you a "good time" porsay. Man is he/she hot, and he/she almost has you in some sort of trance. But you must overpower your lusts to get past this obstacle)
•Embodiment of Love (This shows you everything you love in life. Be it your family, your wife/husband, etc. All of it is here. Suddenly you feel you can fight again, but this love is propelling you to try to... Destroy it?)
•(optional)Embodiment of Vengeance (This is what sports from defeating Love. You can't fight anymore, you're left nullified. Vengeance is a small girl, one no more than 5 years old. She just stands there, arms open as if for a hug, and looking at you with warm, comforting eyes. Is this your true desire in life, vengeance? Apparently so...)
Location: Dinerva Academy
Requirements: Enter and explore the strange portal, defeat the three regular enemies. Either stop yourself from defeating love, or kill love and give vengeance a hug. Minimum of 20 posts and 150 words each. Maximum of 2 players.
Reward: 100 XP, one of two items based on the ending
Accepting Love:

Killing Love, Accepting Vengeance:
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Your Personal Desires
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