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The gods fell, so will you destroy Dinerva or save it?
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 Combat Rules / Damage Info

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PostSubject: Combat Rules / Damage Info   Sun Jun 07, 2015 9:37 pm

Rules of combat:

1) Remember to take into account your stats versus the opponent's stats. If you're faster than him/her, he/she should statistically not be able to catch you on foot without any type of booster, and the same goes for you. Don't ignore stats and be a god, you all have a place

2) Just as in the rp rules, NO GODMODDING. I won't explain it here, just check out the role playing rules to see what godmodding/metagaming is for those who don't know.

3) Don't kill unless both people agree that the thread is suceptable to death.

4) Dont randomly engage in combat just because you want to. Both (or more) players must agree to a fight. This is Dinerva, not Romeo and Juliet.

5) Don't think "Just because I'm not killing I can do whatever I want." We can get these rules down now: No mutilation, because seriously guys. Don't cut someone's arm off or anything of the sort. Don't physically disable someone, like paralysis. Basically saying if you guys are going to do a non-death fight keep injuries to the point where the opponent can be completely healed and functional afterwards. Break an arm? FINE! Don't think I'm completely limiting you guys, k?

Now that that's over, let's get into the damage and hp and stuff, because it can get tricky.

First of all: Every person at Lv 1 has 100 hp.

Second of all: Here is the tricky part- damage. There is a formula I came up with for damage being dealt.
If using a physical weapon-
(((Physical Strength stat + Weapon strength stat)/(Opponents defense + armor's defense))•10) + 1
This makes it easy because all damage is reduced easily and damage is still being accounted for. The +1 at the end is to make sure that everyone takes at least one damage, in case a stupid level 1 goes against a level 92 and complains when he/she can't do any damage.
Let's put this in a trial run:
Physical Strength- 20
Weapon Strength- 30
Opponents Defense- 25
Opponents armors defense- 20

(((20 + 30)/(25 + 20))•10) + 1
((50/40)•10) + 1
(1.25•10) + 1
12.5 + 1
13.5 damage done

Now if using a magic weapon
(((Magic Strength Stat + Weapon Magic Strength)/(Opponents resistance + Opppnents armor's resistance))•10) + 1
The same is just like the above, and you can substitute any number

Lastly there is the formula for magical AND physical attacks, such as a spear with lightning imbued in it
(((Physical Strength + Magical Strength + Weapon Physical Strength + Weapon Magical Strength)/(Opponents physical defense + opponents resistance + opponents armor's defense + opponents armor's resistance)•10) +1
Now that's a mouthful, but let's try it out
Physical Strength- 20
Weapon Strength- 30
Magic Power- 25
Weapon Magic- 30
Opposing Defense- 25
Opposing Resistance- 30
Armor defense- 40
Armor resistance- 20

(((20 + 25 + 30 + 30)/(25 + 30 + 40 + 20))•10) + 1
((105/115)•10) + 1
(.91•10) +1
9.1 + 1
10 damage
We always round when the final answer comes to be, but keep it in decimal form while doing the equation. Let's say I rounded .91 to 1 before I multiplied it by 10. The end result would be 11 damage instead of 10, sure not that big of a difference but the point still stands.

Lastly while doing the equations above if you are not using a weapon or if your opponent is not wearing armor or both you substitute the corresponding values with (0). That way you have no additional strength for a weapon if you're only using your fists, or your opponent gets no additional defense if they aren't wearing armor.
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Combat Rules / Damage Info
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