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 XP Bars and Experience and Stat points

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PostSubject: XP Bars and Experience and Stat points   Sun Jun 07, 2015 8:09 pm

This site takes advantage of an old RPG classic staple: Levels and XP. Now with each level comes it's perks, you gain more stat points which you can spend on upgrading stats, and once you level up you also get the ability to gain another power. This is not any cakewalk, however. It is hard to level up, and to do so and become a complete badass just follow these rules.

1) Play the dungeons. The dungeons have monsters in them, and those monsters give you exp, that exp levels you up. Simple right? Well as Lex Luthor would say WRONG!!! Certain monsters drop more and less exp, and I bet you can decide which ones are harder right? Nothing is impossible to do, but some things are REALLY hard.

2) Win matches. Fight your friends, or maybe enemies? You don't necessarily need to kill someone to gain exp, but you need to get your opponent to yield. If they don't yield that does NOT give you the right to kill them, but you can knock them unconscious or do something to make it known that you won that match. The amount of exp gained here depends on how strong your opponent is, and what level he/she is.

3) Do quests! Yes, another RPG staple. Quests. These are things ranging from cleaning little Ms Johnson's basement to fighting the god of destruction. Each quest offers both exp and prizes, depending on what it is. Not all quests offer prizes but every one gives you exp.

4) Participate in events. Yeah, why not? There fun, and you get to rp or do some other things in events and- hey are you still listening? Fine... THEY OFFER PRIZES. Got your attention? Good. Events are either extremely hard "quests" or just some stuff relating to the site, in which they offer extreme prizes. Site-related events normally only give you weapons, armor, pets or powers and stuff but the quests you can take offer IMMENSE exp and still prizes, but these come at a great price. They are extremely hard, so I wouldn't be a novice if you're joining these, k?

5) Get money. You want to be all big and strong, right? Buy some stuff then. Yeah you may be lazy and don't want to do all these quests, but you can buy specific stat increases from the shop. This comes at a drawback. How do you get money, you may ask? DO QUESTS!

How do you level up? You might ask. Well the exp bars are simple and straightforward. The beginning is 100 XP to level up, then after that you have to get 150% the previous value's cost. Confusing? Maybe. Think of it this way.
Lv 1: 100 XP required to level up
Lv 2: 150 MORE XP required to level up, bringing it to a total of 250
Lv 3: 225 more XP required to Lv up, bringing it to a total of 475
Lv 4: 337.5 XP, rounded up to 338 for the sake of Decimals, and it continues on.

Skill Points
Skill Points are what you use to increase a specific stat. Let's say you want to increase your speed stat by 1 meter per second, it would require 1 skill point. Skill points are gained each time you level up, and the corresponding amount of skill points you get for each level is equal to your current level squared. If you reach Lv 2 you do 2 squared which is four, and you get 4 skill points. What you decide to pool your SP on is up to you, wether you want to be balanced or if you want to have one stat extremely higher than the others.

Next there is the beginning amount right? Everyone wants to know how many stat points they get in the beginning. So to start each stat is automatically 1, and you get 25 stat points to start. No race will have any higher beginning strength or speed or whatever than any other race. Everyone has the same capabilities. For perks on each race, however check out the race perks section

Lastly regular Stat increases
Stat increases are extremely random, so to make up for this randomness you'll have to post each Lv up in a specific forum, so that way we can monitor your current level and note how many stat points you actually should have, so that way we can assure no one cheats.
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XP Bars and Experience and Stat points
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