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 Stats and What they Do

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PostSubject: Stats and What they Do   Mon Jun 08, 2015 4:01 pm

Remember, each stat starts at 1 when you begin and you get 25 stat points, use them wisely.

All of the stats, and what they represent.

Hp: Hp starts at 100, and represents how much life you have left before dying, or being KOd. For each stat point used, you gain 25 hp in your total. *Note* some attacks bypass the hp bar, and certain blows will result in death regardless of HP. If you get your throat slit or stabbed through the heart, you're done.

MP: Shows the amount of Mana you have left. Each power has a specific mana cost depending on its strength, and with each stat point your MP bar goes up by 25, starting at 100.

Physical Strength (PS): PS relates to how much damage you do with your bare fists. This does not relate to lifting power or anything of the sort, just damage. The formula for damage is in it's own topic, go check it out. With each stat point the PS bar goes up by only one, but even one additional stat point can save your life

Magical Strength (MS): MS is the exact same as PS, except it relates to how much damage a spell or potency a power has. As this bar increases you will be allowed to better suit your powers, because we know with more MS you want to design your powers better.

Physical Defense (PD): PD relates to how much damage you can physically take by punches, slashes by weapons, or any other physical non-magical hits. With each stat point this defense goes up by one, so use them wisely in determining whether you are going to be a tank, a glass Cannon, or a balance.

Magical Resistance (MR): MR relates to how much damage you can beef out from magical attacks and powers. This may relate to an electrifying aura or a fireball, and otherwise it is the same as physical defense.

Speed: Speed is the stat that, as it increases, increases the speed at which you run on the ground. At 1 stat point anybody runs 6 meters per second, and with each stat point this goes up by .1 meters a second.

Intelligence: This stat may not be looked on as essential for battle, but as LoZ taught anyone intelligence is necessary. This may relate to the specific needs for deciphering a code or fighting out something that someone with a lower intelligence level couldn't. All in all Intelligence should not be looked down upon.

Agility: How nimble your character is, and how he/she can react to specific attacks. This agility stat counters the opponents speed stat, so you must take into mind what you can and can't dodge depending on the opponents speed. If your agility is a tiny bit higher than the opponents speed, you can dodge their attacks but not every one, but if your agility is MASSIVELY higher then you obviously have the advantage, the same goes for you NOT dodging.
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Stats and What they Do
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